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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time for blogging, Social sites,etc......

  I feel inadequate...I  stink at keeping up  with all the  Social Sites and they are growing in number..  I see people blog  or FB or Tweet their lives   sometimes  every thirty minutes.  and i wonder how can that be done?  Surely they  are receiving the  extra minutes through  all the lost time i have during the day or night.  The only reason  I say this is I am contemplating  new phone and i could get an Android  (forget the iphone), but then I would really feel  obligated or  -shall i say  Enslaved - to the interweb  like never before.....

HOw  do i  keep up?  wake up an hour earlier?  I am serious here- I want to know how to keep up........Extra vitamins?  Extra  bags under my eyes?..gotta weigh that one!

hmmm..My guitar looks a lot more inviting than  a new social website.....

but then I prolly will get that android ;~0

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